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optimed continuously invests in the research, development and production of the products in the field of minimal invasive therapy, specifically in vascular interventions, urology, gastroenterology and spine / vertebroplasty. Satisfy yourself of our innovative products and extensive portfolio.

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The Covid-19 crisis demands changes from all of us to effectively slow the spread of the Virus. As we are producing all of our products in Germany, we will try to keep our supplies as stable as possible. For all inquiries or open questions don't hesitate to contact us by phone or E-Mail. 



New: Peditrol- Foot operated irrigation system 

The Irrigation produced by Peditrol clears the visual field instantly. The flow is effective even when the laser fibre or basket is loaded in the working channel and the scope is fully flexed. As a low volume System, it is less likely to subject the kidneys to excessive intrapelvic pressures. 
available on request 

New: Freeman - for a free flow

The design combines the advantages of a grasper and a basket. On the one hand, like with a grasper, the stone is captured and released from the front.  more...

Product catalogue 2020

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CO2 for angiography is a safe alternative to iodine-based or low-osmolar contrast media. Its use is a straight forward as with a conventional DSA. Ideally suited for patients with renal insufficiency, intollerance to contrast-media or hyperthyiodism.   more...


The venous system demands high standards of the stent parameter. The sinus-Venous is especially adapted for venous indications amd impresses with high radial force and flexibility.




The sinus-Obliquus was specifically designed for treating venous obstructions close to the bifurcation of the inferior vena cava. Its exceptional oblique design offers the possibility to place the stent directly at the bifurcation – optimized requirements for the treatment of May-Thurner Syndrome.   more...


High quality robust TIPS Sets in 3 cuts and 2 configurations (30° and 60°). The TIPS needles, 8F Guiding catheters and Special-Nitinol guide wires are also available separately.  


CO2-Pressure reduction valve for wall connection

Now the CO2 Angioset can also be used with your central gas supply. The specially designed CO2-Take-off pressure reduction valve is equipped with a clamping rail bracket for easy mounting on equipment rails (e.g. OR table) and offers with the 6m hose a wide operating range. more...



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