OD CT Drainage Catheter Set


  • Abscess drainage catheter consists of kink resistant soft-polyurethane
  • Length 25 cm
  • Obturator with round blunt stiffener to straighten catheter


  • Abscess drainage catheter
  • Obturator with round blunt plastic stiffener
  • Puncture needle, Trocar cut, 250 mm long (Illustration: assembled to obturator)  
  • 2-way stop cock, male Luer-Lock, rotating
  • (Illustration: Catheter assembled to obturator and needle)
  • Round blunt stiffener to straighten drainage catheter without perforation
  • Straightened drainage catheter with large drainage holes and puncture needle with outer cannula

OD CT drainage set

Order-Nr.Catheter ØCatheter LengthNeedle Ø
Fcmmm / G
1505-08008251,3 / 17,5