Abscess Drainage Set (GastroSoft)

Abscess Drainage Set in „GastroSoft“ with four large drainage holes is used to drain accumulated intraabdominal fluids

  • Abscess drainage catheter
  • Puncture needle, 2-part, US-Cut, Ø 1.3 mm (17.5 G), 200 mm long
  • Obturator, 2-part with round blunt metal stiffener, 430 mm long
  • Guide wire, PTFE coated, Ø .035 inch, 100 cm long, 3 mm j-curved, flexible tip, fixed core
  • Dilators, 20 cm long
  • 2-way stop cock, female Luer-Lock, male rotating
  • Adapter, male Luer-Lock, rotating and small funnel, 10 cm long

Abscess Drainage Set

Catheter ØCatheter LengthDilator ØOrder-Nr.
Box: 5 PCS