CO2-Angioset acc. to Schmitz-Rode/Alzen

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CO2 for angiography is a safe alternative to iodine-based or low-osmolar contrast media. It is ideally suited for use in diagnostic and interventional radiology for patients with renal insufficiency, hyperthyroidism, or with an intolerance to contrast-media. Its use is as straight forward as with a conventional DSA.

100 ml syringe = dose chamber, adjustable setting in 20 ml steps

  • 100 ml syringe = dose chamber, adjustable setting in 20 ml steps
  • Slider for fixing the desired volume setting
  • Injection plunger with stop notches in 20 ml steps
  • (1) Pure medical carbon dioxide (99.7 vol. % or higher)(2) Pressure relief valve(3) Sterile filter (recommended)(4) Gas supply line, 1.5 m length with conection to the pressure relief vealve(5) Special stop-cock with 90° rotary valve for injection and loading procedure(6) 100 ml syringe (dose chamber adjustable in 20 ml steps)(7) Connection tube to the patient, 1.5 m length
  • Applications: Pelvic arteries, Arteries of the leg, Renal arteries, Visceral arteries, Haemodialysis shunts, Venous displays, Angiography of retrograde portal artery with TIPS
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