Cemento-MP und CementoFIXX-M*

  • Large screw applicator for a powerful and controlled injection
  • Special vertebroplasty needle featuring shock-resistant bayonet Luer lock fittings
  • Pressure-resistant injection cylinder with special reinforcement and rotating Luer lock
  • Reusable application system

The vertebroplasty system consists of the reusable application system Cemento-MP, the special vertebroplasty needles, injection cylinder and connection system. The viscous bone cement CementoFixx-M completes the system.

Cemento-MP creates a larger working-window for the user to perform the procedure. The extra-large winged screw of the Cemento-MP application system enables high pressure injections without compromising cement dosage precision, in even small quantities. The high pressure during cement delivery enables a faster injection and a better filling level for inhomogeneous cavities and highly porous vertebral bodies. Even high-viscosity bone cements can be used right up to its setting point. If required, a relief lever allows to release the pressure immediately.

The special vertebroplasty needle has indentations on the needle and stylet that indicate the opening of the bevel edge at the needle tip. The special bevel edge makes it easier to control the needle and the cement delivery.

The injection cylinder also features special reinforcements.

The bone cement CementoFixx-M has a high viscosity and X-ray visibility. The large working-window allows vertebroplasty of several vertebral bodies. CementoFixx-M can also be used for kyphoplasty.

  • Manufactured by: G-21 S.r.l. ◦ Via S. Pertini, 8 ◦ 41039 San Possidonio (MO) ◦ Italy ◦ Tel. +39 0535 30312


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